Online Responsive Normed
Student taking Assessment
made in Canada
Accurate. Reliable. Online.

Accurate. Easy to Use. Online.

A reliable, thorough means to determine ELL support levels

Accurate. Reliable. Online.
Designed for Elementary and Secondary Students

A Proprietary ELL Assessment

Designed for Elementary. Secondary, and Continuing Education Students

Designed for Elementary and Secondary Students
Made in Canada by Experts

Made in Canada

We are a leader in ELL assessment and instruction

Made in Canada by Experts
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The CM Global English Assessment

Your students deserve a quality assessment that maximizes their opportunity for learning success. CM Global English (CMGE) is an accurate, reliable, easy-to-use, B2B and B2G solution for your English (ELL/ESL/EAL) assessment needs. It is a comprehensive set of  measures designed for your International and ELL students in K to 12 Schools, and in Adult Continuing Education.

The CMGE assessment authentically captures a snapshot in time of your students’ English language abilities.  Assessment results are instantly available and securely stored on Canadian servers. The CMGE assessment provides valuable information for supporting your students’ academic needs.

The CMGE assessment can be used as part of the welcoming process for new students. And because it is consistently accurate, it can be used as an annual measurement of English acquisition for future instructional support.

The assessment is very easy to use, for both the student and the administrator. Results are instant. The assessment has four parts:

English Usage

Knowledge of Standard English semantics, lexicon, and grammar is assessed. Such knowledge is an indication of prior exposure to formal and informal English.


Reading comprehension in English is assessed, using fiction and non-fiction passages, each within a range of readability difficulty. The assessment provides a measure of syntactical understanding to navigate and comprehend age appropriate, English text.


English listening comprehension is measured by responding to oral questions, statements, and  commands  of increasing difficulty. Components are based on realistic scenarios encountered in daily social and classroom life.


A writing sample is created on a randomly selected, familiar topic. The selection of topics changes according to the student (Primary, Middle School, Secondary, or Continuing Education).

Who uses CM Global English?

We provide English language assessments as a B2B to school districts, independent schools, international student programs, and adult education programs, including:

  • New Westminster Schools, School District 40
  • West Vancouver Schools, District 45
  • Canadian Rockies Public Schools, AB
  • Lord Selkirk School Division, Manitoba
  • St Georges School, Vancouver BC
  • Buffalo Trails International Program Alberta
  • Richmond School District Continuing Education
  • Thunder Bay Catholic School Board, Ontario
  • Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows School district 42
  • Brockton School
  • Richmond School District 38, British Columbia
  • Kootenay Lake International Program, School District 8
  • Gulf Islands International Program, School District 64
  • Vancouver Island West International Program, School District 84
  • Battle River School Division
  • UASK Education Ottawa

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