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How it Works

The CM Global English (CMGE) assessment is a comprehensive set of English (aka ELL, ESL, EAL) tests designed for students in Elementary and Secondary Schools and in Second Language Instruction. The CMGE assessment is ideal for capturing a snapshot in time of a student’s English knowledge. With this snapshot, Newcomer students, both international and immigrant, can receive an appropriate amount of extra English instruction, if needed

The CMGE assessment can be used as part of the entry process into an international program or as an annual measurement of English knowledge for future support planning.

The assessment, a series of language tests, provides a snapshot of a student’s English capabilities.  The assessment results provide useful information for planning explicit and specific language instruction and appropriate course selection.

Cost is minimal – Each full assessment (oral, reading, syntax, plus a writing sample) for one low cost. Only pay for the assessments you need – no monthly fees; no start-up costs.

Standard English

Knowledge of Standard English semantics, lexicon, and grammar is assessed. Such knowledge is an indication of prior exposure to formal and informal English.


Reading comprehension in English is assessed, using fiction and non-fiction passages, each within a range of readability difficulty. The assessment provides a measure of syntactical understanding to navigate and comprehend age appropriate, English text.


English listening comprehension is determined by responds to oral questions, statements, and  commands  of increasing difficulty. Components are based on realistic scenarios encountered in daily social and classroom life.


A writing sample is created on a randomly selected, familiar topic. The selection of topics changes according to the student (Primary, Intermediate, Secondary, and Continuing Education).

  • The Richmond International Student Program has been using the CM Global English ELL assessment tool for the past three years. We tried the assessment on a test basis and eventually included both our short-term and long-term international students. We now use it for all of our in-coming students and are extremely pleased with the product. With instant test results provided, we can immediately do course planning and know with confidence, that our students are placed in courses where opportunities for success are best realized.
    Shaun Sephton
    Director, Richmond International Student Program School District #38 (Richmond)
  • “Our district has been using the CMGE online assessment since 2018. It is a user-friendly, comprehensive English Proficiency Assessment. The student assessment results are instant and can be easily shared with staff. I have appreciated the great customer tech support from Stephanie. The designers, Tony and Daphne are very knowledgeable and accessible ELL experts.”
    Michele Ginnell
    ESL Teacher, Central Okanagan Public Schools International Education
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Tony Carrigan for many years and continue to be impressed by his creative approach to ELL assessment. According to one of our ELL teachers, Students of various language levels, from beginner to advanced, have found the CM Global English online assessment easy to use and intuitive. It has been a useful tool in helping to place these students in appropriate programs to ensure the are receiving the exact support they need to best enhance their English acquisition.
    Dr. Scott Bergstrome
    Director, International Programs School District #64 (Gulf Islands)
  • As the Director of the Vancouver and Toronto office of Can-Achieve International Education Ltd  I have had  positive experiences with our clients use of the CM Global English on-line assessment. Designed by ELL experts, it is a reliable, cost effective, and easy to administer tool for our clients to measure their proficiency in English.
    Jasmin Shao
    Director of Canada, Can-Achieve International Education Ltd
  • I have known the designers of the assessment for more than thirty years. They are experts in the field of ESL assessment and instruction, both in Canada and abroad. Their ESL measurement tool, the CM Global English Assessment has been analyzed and proven to be a reliable and valid assessment.
    Dr. Lee Gunderson
    Professor, Language and Literacy Education UBC

Who uses CM Global English?

We provide on-line ELL (ESL & EFL) Assessments for school districts, independent schools, international student programs, and overseas recruiting agencies, including:

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