How it Works

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How the CM Global English assessment works

CM Global English assessment is a comprehensive series of tests that provides a snapshot of how well a secondary or elementary student whose first language is not English will manage in a learning environment where English is the medium of instruction. To be successful in such an environment, the student must be able to understand what is read and heard and be able to express his/herself, particularly through written work.

When the students log in, they will be prompted to enter their name which will remain affiliated with that code. If at a later date the students are reassessed you will be able to easily compare their results.

Instructions are clear and simple and include a resource for testing sound quality before assessment begins.

Schools can choose whether or not they wish the student to see the raw scores and ELL levels at the conclusion of each of the three tests.


The first section is a timed, functional grammar assessment, which consists of 40 sentences. Each sentence has a blank space that requires a word or words. Two-word verbs, clauses, various verb tenses, prepositions, pronouns, possessives, irregular plurals, and comparatives are some examples of the grammar being assessed. The student must choose from four possibilities. This sub-test is scored out of 40. At the conclusion of this test, the student is automatically directed to the second test.


The second section is a timed, reading comprehension assessment, which consists of 10 reading passages, both fiction and non-fiction, with a range of readability difficulty. Each reading passage has ten blank spaces. This reading test is a multiple choice, cloze test. In this cloze test, words in the passage are replaced, in a consistent manner, with blank spaces. The student demonstrates reading comprehension of the passage by choosing the correct word from the five possible choices. This test is scored out of 100. At the conclusion of this test, the student is automatically directed to the third test.


The third section is a timed, listening comprehension assessment, which consists of 40 short recordings. The student listens to each recording and chooses the best answer from five possible choices. Some of the recordings have accompanying pictures. Some of the recordings consist of oral passages that the student listens to and then answers several questions about the passage. This test is scored out of 40. At the conclusion of this test, the student is automatically directed to the fourth and last section of the assessment.


The fourth section of the CM Global English assessment asks the student to produce a written sample that is timed and based on a randomly selected topic. Included in this section, is an optional, scoring matrix to score the student’s written sample.

CM Global English Student Reports

Upon completion of the assessments, raw scores for the first three tests are automatically converted to English Language Learning (ELL) support levels.

A Variety of reports are available for your use and can be downloaded in PDF format for student records. Scores are instantly available. Reports include subtest raw scores and the recommended overall ELL support level.

Reports are available for individual students and groups. Administrators receive daily, weekly, and monthly summary reports.


Schools and Districts will have access to our new resources section, which includes for example, a writing scoring matrix and an easy to administer, informal English speaking assessment.

Schools, if they wish, can use the CM Global English course-programming recommendations, based on overall ELL support levels, to determine best academic and ESL course placement.