Assessment Reports

Upon completion of the assessments, raw scores are automatically converted to English Language Learning (ELL) support levels.

Both the raw scores and the ELL support levels are instantly available to designated staff.

Your student assessment reports can be downloaded in PDF format for your student files. Reports include subtest raw scores and ELL levels and an overall CMGE recommended ELL support level.

Reports are available for individual students and for groups. In addition to the instant results, you and your team will receive daily copies of all student reports.

PDF copies of student reports can be printed and placed in their student files or downloaded and emailed to receiving schools or departments. If your students are in a public school district, such reports can be used for meeting some of the government, ELL funding requirements. Your student assessment results remain always available, via your CMGE dashboard.

Request a Demo

One of our team members would be happy to give you a demonstration of the system at your convenience.