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Reliable and Valid

The CMGE assessment is a reliable and valid assessment tool for educators. The assessments are a series of language tests, designed and normed by Canadian ELL experts. The assessments provide an accurate snapshot in time of English proficiency. The primary, intermediate, and secondary assessments are consistent and the levelled results are aligned with provincial and state standards.

The assessments and their multiple forms were field tested with hundreds of international and domestic students. Raw scores were statistically analyzed at the University of British Columbia and the correlations across tests and forms were determined to be excellent. The assessments have since been taken by tens of thousands of students and feedback from teachers and ELL specialists has been overwhelmingly positive.

“Overall, the teacher is the most important agent in the assessment process. Informed assessment is the key.” (Gunderson, Silva [2019])

Software Features

The CM Global English (CMGE) assessment application has a number of programmed features to ensure the assessment is a true snapshot in time of how well secondary or elementary students whose first language is not English will manage in a learning environment where English is the medium of instruction.

To achieve their potential in such an environment, students should be able to understand what they hear and read in the classroom and be able to express themselves especially through written work.

  • Each section is timed with an ample window to complete the section.
  • The assessment is randomized – no two students will receive the same questions.
  • Some internet, native browser functions have been disabled for the writing sample such as: auto complete, auto capitalization and punctuation, and predictive text.
  • Instructions are clear and simple and include a resource for checking sound quality before the assessment begins.
  • Daily assessment reports for teachers and administrators are automatically generated and sent each evening.

* Some settings must be adjusted if students are taking the assessments on iPads. Instructions will be provided by CMGE.


CM Global English has integrated with True North to help administrators keep track of student information. User access codes must be assigned True North numbers before an assessment is taken. When the student completes their CMGE assessment their results are instantly sent to their student record in True North. You’ll be able to see their raw scores, ELL levels, writing sample and overall ELL level. Of course, you will still receive  the CMGE daily assessment reports as well as being able to follow student responses in real time, from the CMGE Dashboard.

Data Security

Data is housed on secure servers in the Landmark Technology Centre in Kelowna, British Columbia. Security policies in force as per AT 101 SOC 2 Type II certifications and data centre staff have RCMP criminal record checks. The data centre is equipped with state-of-the-art security technology, with 24/7 video security recording, monitored entry alarm, and 4 factor authentication. CMGE staff that have access to program code and student data have signed NDA’s and privacy agreements.

Most importantly, we keep minimal personal information on your students. We require and store only their name or if you prefer, only an ID number.

Customer Support

We pride ourselves on our customer service. Our team of highly trained professionals in both education and software development, ensure our work always meets a high quality standard. We pride ourselves on giving excellent customer support and we make ourselves available to give our customers confidence in our product and service.

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