The Assessment

Online. Responsive. Normed.

As a CMGE client, your school or institution will have a unique web address. This web address will take your students to your logo – branded, CMGE landing page. Any web browser will be sufficient and the assessment works on both PCs and Apples and on either computers or tablets.

On the CMGE landing page, your students log on with their access code. They will be prompted to enter their name which will remain affiliated with that access code. If at a later date in the year or in following years, the students are reassessed, you will be able to easily compare their results.

Instructions are clear and simple and include a resource for checking sound quality before the assessment begins.

You can choose whether or not you want your students to see their scores and their ELL levels at the conclusion of each of the three sub-tests.

Secondary, Intermediate, and Late Primary assessments are each age appropriate but are all similar in format.


In this section written semantics and grammar are assessed. They are an indication of the student’s exposure to English determined by measuring the knowledge of English phonology, morphology, semantics, and syntax.


The reading comprehension assessment has fiction and non-fiction passages, with a range of readability difficulty. The reading assessment provides a measure of the student’s syntactical understanding to navigate and comprehend a text within their age range.


In the listening comprehension section, student responds to oral questions, statements, and  commands  of increasing difficulty. Questions are based on realistic scenarios that a student may encounter in daily home and classroom life.


The student produces a writing sample by writing about a randomly selected, familiar topic. The writing topic prompt changes according to the age of the student (Primary, Intermediate, Secondary, and Continuing Education).

Assessment Reporting & Resources

Your CMGE dashboard gives you access to various reports and resources. You can see your student results in live-time. Reports can be downloaded in PDF format for student records.

Assessment reports are available for individual students and by groups. Administrators receive daily and weekly summary reports.

From your dashboard, you can access a number of resources that enhance the assessment experience. Available resources are free to our clients.

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