Assessment for Middle School Students

Grades 4 – 7

The CM Global English (CMGE) assessment for elementary students (Intermediate grades [4 to 7] and Late Primary [2 and 3]) is similar in format to the secondary assessment. The significant differences in the elementary assessment are the reading and listening sections are shorter in length and time and the topics are age appropriate for younger students.

intermediate (grades 4-7) ell, esl, eal assessment

Intermediate Written Semantics and Grammar

The written grammar section is similar to the secondary assessment. Knowledge of two-word verbs, clauses, various verb tenses, prepositions, pronouns, possessives, irregular plurals, and comparatives is assessed. At the conclusion of this section, the student is automatically sent to the reading comprehension.

Intermediate Reading

The intermediate reading comprehension assessment consists of a number of fiction and non-fiction passages. The assessment is a multiple choice, cloze test. The student demonstrates syntactical understanding of the passages by choosing the correct words from a number of possible choices. The readability of the passages gradually becomes more difficult. At the conclusion of this section, the student is automatically directed to the third part of the assessment.

Intermediate Listening

The third section is a timed, listening comprehension assessment, consisting of a number of short recordings. The student listens to each recording, some of which are illustrated, and chooses the best answer from a number of  possible choices. Some of the recordings consist of oral passages requiring several answers. The assessment gets progressively more difficult. At the conclusion of this section, the student is sent to the fourth and last section of the assessment.

Intermediate Writing

The fourth section of the CM Global English assessment asks the student to produce a written sample that is timed and based on a randomly selected topic. The topics are age appropriate for middle school students.

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