Assessment for Late Primary Students

Grades 2 and 3

The CM Global English (CMGE) assessment for elementary students – Intermediate [grades 4 to 7] and Late Primary [grades 2 and 3] – is similar in format to the Secondary assessment. The reading and listening sections are shorter in length and time and the topics are age appropriate for younger students.

ELL ESL Assessments for all primary, intermediate and secondary students

Late Primary Written Semantics and Grammar

The first section of the Late Primary CMGE assessment is a short, timed, written semantics and grammar assessment, consisting of a small number of sentences. At the conclusion of this section, the student is automatically sent to the reading assessment.

Late Primary Reading

The Late Primary reading comprehension assessment consists of several fiction and non-fiction passages. The passages are age appropriate. At the end of the reading assessment, the student is directed to the listening section.

Late Primary Listening

The Late Primary listening assessment has some short recordings requiring a response. At the conclusion of this section, the student is automatically directed to the fourth and last section of the assessment.

Late Primary Writing

The fourth section of the CM Global English assessment asks the student to produce a written sample that is timed and based on a randomly selected topic. The topics are age appropriate for primary students.

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