Assessment for Secondary Students

Grades 8 – 12

The CM Global English (CMGE) assessment is a comprehensive series of tests that provides a snapshot of how well a secondary or elementary student whose first language is not English will manage in a learning environment where English is the medium of instruction. To be successful in such a classroom environment, the student must be able to both comprehend and express oneself in English.

Secondary Written Semantics and Grammar

The first part of the CMGE assessment measures prior exposure to formal and informal English. It is a timed assessment looking at examples of formal and informal English semantics and grammar.  At the conclusion, the student is automatically sent to the reading section.

Secondary Reading


The second part of the assessment is a timed, reading comprehension measure, consisting of a number of reading passages, fiction and non-fiction, with a range of readability difficulty. In this reading cloze test, the student demonstrates English syntaxical understanding.  At the conclusion of this section of the assessment, the student is sent to the third section.

Secondary Listening

The third section is a timed, listening comprehension assessment, consisting of a number of short recordings. The student listens to each recording, some of which are illustrated, and chooses the best answer from a number of  possible choices. Some of the recordings consist of oral passages requiring several answers. The assessment gets progressively more difficult. At the conclusion of this section, the student is sent to the fourth and last section of the assessment.

Secondary Writing

The fourth section of the CM Global English assessment asks the student to produce a written sample that is timed and based on a randomly selected topic. The CMGE assessment is now complete and the student logs out.